Ayush is a traditional Ayurvedic treatment center located in the heart of Southall at 23 Beaconsfield Rd, UB1 1BZ.Ayush follows the Athreya tradition of Ayurveda, which is a group of institutions under the auspices of Dathathreya heritage – the world’s oldest Ayurveda school in the Himalayas, which has preserved the teachings of Ayurveda scholar Athreya for 3500 years. Our work is guided by Guru Swami Dhananjay Dathathreya Dev, the present head of Dathathreya heritage.

Ayush Ayurvedic clinic has been established with the mission of restoring Ayurveda as a mainstream health management system. For thousands of years, this ancient mind-body-soul healing system recommends foundational strategies, namely

The team at Ayush Ayurvedic Clinic, by virtue of their deep understanding of the concepts of Ayurveda, has been constantly innovating and adapting Ayurvedic healing to suit the changing healthcare needs of different sections of the population.

Ayush delivers an authentic, undiluted, and purest form of Ayurveda, with personalized treatment for everyone at all touchpoints. We are the first Ayurvedic clinic to have championed a protocol with data-driven diagnosis and treatment. Man is living in an ever-increasing complicated and contaminated environment. High exposure to this unhealthy physical, biological, and psycho-social environment is leading to increasing diseases.

Our Vision:

To establish a scientific approach to Yoga and Ayurveda to make our society disease-fee

Our Mission:

We at Ayush Clinic shall work collectively in a professional environment and increase employee participation in all levels in order to achieve our core values

Your journey with us begins with an initial consultation where the root cause of your ill health/diseases/imbalances will be diagnosed. The consultation determines the individual’s dosha (body constitution) three principal energies of the body: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. According to Ayurveda, diseases arise when these doshas become unbalanced because of an external or internal stimulus linked to diet, stress, lifestyle, exercise, or other such factors.

Ayurvedic Lifestyle consultation is based on Ayurvedic principles that can help prevent health problems even if you are not sick and are already enjoying good health, an ayurvedic consultation can be enormously beneficial by supporting you to make sure that your good health lasts a lifetime!. On the other hand if you are a person suffering from any symptoms of poor health or you know you have a condition that impedes your optimal wellbeing you can ask for the help of a lifestyle consultant who can help you to a better life, because Ayurveda addresses the root cause of illness with an emphasis on prevention of disease.
Ayurvedic diet consultation will specifically outline how you can improve your diet to prevent diseases and increase the longevity of life on the principles of Ayurveda. It is aimed at achieving the long-term health and wellness goals of an individual through a step-by-step approach to assist through diet and detox advice. Ayurveda considers diet among three sub-pillars of healthy living; keeping watch on what you eat, how you eat and how much you eat. A person can maintain good health along with preventing many diseases. We help you with Ayurveda principles of eating, and diet as per your body constitution and as per specific diseases. Ayurveda food principles consider season, place, age, body constitution, time, and traditions for planning the diet for an individual.
Ayurvedic herbs & medicines are one of the world’s oldest medical systems originating from India over 3000 years ago. This system stresses the use of natural plant-based medicines and minerals. In India, over 100 colleges offer degrees in traditional Ayurvedic medicine and even in western countries, Ayurvedic medicine is gaining popularity. Ayurvedic medicines are used to treat a wide spectrum of diseases. It is an example of a well-organized system of traditional health care, both preventive and curative, making it a favoured choice of health care by the masses in the Eastern World.
We believe in the incredible healing power of Ayurvedic medicines. Our medicines are available in tablets, powders and liquid form.
Ayurvedic therapies and treatments are administered as a combination of herbal concoctions and lifestyle changes that help balance the three principal energies of the body: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.
Ayurvedic treatments ensure all three doshas are at their optimum levels to cure and prevent disease. The duration and method of the treatment may vary depending on the Prakriti (inherent constitution) of the individual.
An Ayurvedic practitioner will create a treatment plan specifically designed for each patient. They’ll consider your unique physical and emotional makeup, your primary life force, and the balance between all three of these elements. The goal of treatment is to cleanse your body of undigested food, which can stay in your body and lead to illness. The cleansing process is called “panchakarma”.
Panchakarma - The Body Purification and Detoxification program Panchakarma in Sanskrit means 'five actions' or 'five treatments' that include the process of cleansing the body of toxins and rejuvenating the body at its core level. Ayurveda highly recommends Panchakarma as a seasonal treatment for the elimination of factors causing diseases and maintaining an equilibrium of biological energies – Vata, Pita, and Kapha. Panchakarma therapy is a highly complex and sophisticated science of purification of the body-mind-energy channels. The detoxification process involves three main stages – Purva Karma (pre-treatment) Pradana Karma (primary treatment), and Paschat Karma (post-treatment); a modified diet and lifestyle are to be followed throughout these three stages.
Yoga and Ayurveda are both ancient Vedic disciplines that complement each other in more ways than one. These two practices are fundamentally sister sciences that have been exercised together for thousands of years to heal the mind, body, and soul. Experience inner harmony on an Ayurveda & Yoga retreat with a combination of ancient holistic treatments and private yoga lessons. Whether you choose a detoxifying retreat or a rejuvenating holiday, our exclusive Ayurveda and yoga destinations will ensure a fully rejuvenating and revitalising wellness experience. With seamless tranquillity combined with the holistic aspects of yoga and Ayurveda treatments, you will return home renewed and inspired with an improved sense of wellness.